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5 Designer Mosquito Net Door

5 Designer Mosquito Net Door

When it comes to finding a solution for mosquitoes, a mosquito net door is one of the best options to choose. It is harmless with no side effects. However, when choosing it, people often find it to be an obstruction in the aesthetics of their house. But today, multiple designs for a mosquito net door have made it possible to keep the aesthetics retained while getting protection from mosquitoes. In this blog, you will learn about five designer mosquito net doors for your house. 

Sliding mosquito net door

First, block your balcony opening to avoid mosquitoes in your home. So, if you have a wide opening on your balcony, then a sliding mosquito door is the best option. It not only adds the functionality of restricting mosquitoes out of your house, but it’s design also looks very designer. Hence, you can add a shield against mosquitoes without losing the looks of your balcony. 

The See-Through Front Door

Now, if you want something that can restrict mosquitoes from entering your house from the front door, you should install an insect net for the door. But to make it look good and appealing, you can choose the see-through mosquito door. This designer door idea makes your entrance look more spacious all the time and also allows for natural light to come in. The design of this door is simple. It has a fine bezel door, which has nothing in the centre. So, it looks like a photo frame. Moreover, you have the insect net for the door in the centre. 

The Bifold Entrance Door 

If you have a large entrance that requires a bigger door to be installed, a bifold door will absolutely look good. It has two doors instead of one. Both doors open in the opposite direction. Netting is added to both doors, which protects you against mosquitoes. These doors also allow the interrupted flow of air even when shut or closed. 

Pleated Net Door

If you don’t have a budget for a sliding door for your large balcony opening, a pleated net door can be an affordable option. It has multiple sections with mosquito nets. These sections fold over one another. This door design is a great replacement for sliding doors because it also saves a lot of space even when open. 

Old Fashioned Metallic Door

In this modern world where minimalism is the new fashion, many people love to keep the aesthetics of their homes old-fashioned. If you are also one of them, then the metallic door is the right selection for your house. Along with the mosquito net, it has designs made of iron rods. The door has curvy designs, which is something different from today’s design style.


These are the five designs you can choose for your house. All these designs work well to protect you against mosquitoes. Moreover, with multiple colour and texture options, the range of choices even extends. So, keep your loved ones safe without compromising the looks of your house.

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