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Just one mosquito bite and you can be grasping for your life. Yep, mosquitoes in the house is a scary thing. But fear no more! Royal Mesh has brought the ultimate solution- pleated mosquito nets.

Pleated Mosquito Net

Pleated mosquito net is the most simple and effective solution against mosquitoes. It will successfully guard your house and keep all the mosquitoes out. Moreover, your house will look neat and elegant. With the natural light and fresh air pouring into your house, your house will look and feel fresh.

Royal Mesh provides the best quality of pleated mosquito net for doors and windows to keep your house mosquito free. Our sliding and retractable pleated mesh are engineered such that not even the tiniest of mosquitoes could fly in. We provide aluminium mesh to promise rust free and durable pleated mosquito mesh. With so many color options available, your house will look attractive as ever. Our beautiful mosquito mesh will allow 100% natural light and ventilation into your home. You can even get one customized as per your needs! Buy Royal Mesh pleated mosquito net for your windows, doors, and balconies.

Pleated Mesh door for mosquito

Pleated Mosquito Mesh For UPVC Doors

Royal Mesh is always engaged in finding innovative solutions to protect your house from mosquitoes. With our aim to make mosquito mesh simple and easy to install, operate and maintain the aesthetic appeal of your homes. Our Pleated mosquito net can also be installed easily on your UPVC doors.

Royal Mesh has the best pleated mosquito nets for your UPVC doors. With a simple installment process, you can easily and effectively protect your indoors from pesky mosquitoes and other insects. We even have options for your pleated mesh door; whether you need sliding or foldable mosquito nets, we have it all. All Royal Mesh mosquito nets promise durability and resilience. You will not struggle with any rust on our pleated mesh door.  These can be fixed in a limited space and are easy to use and maintain.

Pleated Mesh wooden door for mosquito

Pleated Mosquito Mesh For Wooden Doors

Royal Mesh pleated mosquito nets can smoothly be fixed on your wooden doors. Take either a sliding or a foldable mosquito mesh, protection against mosquitoes and other insects is guaranteed. Our pleated mesh can be easily fixed on your wooden doors in limited space, without damaging your door. It is resilient, durable, easy to use and maintain. These dust-proof mosquito mesh won’t even ask for much cleaning. Moreover, we have multiple color options so that your pleated mesh door makes your house look attractive.


Yes, a pleated mosquito net is durable. It is a modern innovation to protect people from mosquito bites. Its easy placement, high-quality net, and material make it durable.
We can fix a pleated mosquito net with PVC glue if there are holes in the net. If its threads break, we can easily sew them back with a thread and needle.
Clean pleated fly screens with a cloth to remove dust and dirt. Then, gently rub the sponge dipped in lukewarm soapy water. After cleaning with soapy water, clean the screen with a clean wet cloth.

Reliable Products & Services!

Royal Mesh is also the manufacturer of the products. That is why, we take full responsibility for the products you take home. Our mosquito mesh is durable, easy to use, maintain and affordable. Our customer services are enthusiastic about providing you with our best products. They’ll answer all your queries and give suggestions when needed. The installation team will efficiently install the pleated mosquito net on your doors and windows, without damaging anything. To provide assurance to our customers, we also provide a 7 year warranty on all our products!

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