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Mosquito Mesh For Wooden Doors

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Royal Mesh provides premium quality mosquito nets for your wooden doors. We engineer products that go in parallel with your house aesthetics while providing you with an effective protection. Our mosquito nets will fit naturally on your wooden doors without damaging it and make it look prettier than before.

Mosquito Mesh For Wooden Doors

Mostly people use wooden doors in India. Many people get wooden doors with windows and an extra screen for ventilation and light purposes. These need a lot of space to operate and that means a lot of hassle for you. Furthermore, in the evening, when the weather is pleasant and you open these windows, the entry of some pesky mosquitoes in your house is inevitable. So, if you’re tired of all of this and looking for a better solution then Royal Mesh has got your back.

Wooden door

The solution we have for you is mosquito nets for your wooden doors. Royal Mesh is among the best wooden mosquito net door providers. After getting yourself a wooden net door, you’ll still get the natural light and ventilation in your house, but without any hassles. Royal Mesh mosquito nets do not require any space and they’re customized to look nice on your doors. Moreover, be it day or night, Royal Mesh mosquito net will not allow any mosquito into your house.

Royal Mesh is the company that promises quality in its products because we’re also the manufacturer of our products. So we can assure that you get premium quality products at affordable rates. We use the best quality materials to make a mosquito mesh for your wooden doors. We use aluminium frames, T6 powder coating, and follow further other standard norms to promise strength and durability in our products. These are super easy to install, without causing any damage to your wooden door frame. Furthermore, these are just as easy to clean and maintain.

Get a Royal Mesh mosquito net for your wooden doors today and free your home from mosquitoes and dust. Your home will only be fresh and bask in the natural light.



  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy &  no-cost maintenance
  • Durable
  • No rusting (aluminium, not iron)
  • Maintain house aesthetics
  • Auto cleaning techniques
  • Allow 100% natural light inside
  • Allow ventilation
  • 7 year warranty

Types of Mosquito Net For Wooden Doors

Royal Mesh produces all sorts of mosquito nets as per your convenience. For example, we offer Roller Mosquito Mesh and pleated mosquito mesh for wooden doors.

Roller Mosquito Net For Wooden Doors

Royal Mesh roller mosquito nets for wooden doors are constructed keeping efficiency and your convenience in mind. These mosquito nets are a shutter type of mesh which can be installed easily on your wooden doors. The auto-lock facility makes its operation automatic and more convenient.
Pleated mosquito nets are the best when you wish to keep the ambience of freshness in your house. These retractable screen doors will effectively keep your house free from insects, dust and pollution. We have sliding mosquito net systems which will look pleasant in your house and be convenient in operation.

Best Products & Services​

Royal Mesh provides mosquito nets of exceptional quality. We take full guarantee of our products and even offer a 7 year warranty. With our affordable rates, a wooden net door will not burn a hole in your pockets. Our services include finding the best mosquito net that suits your home, installing it and providing maintenance services.

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