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Frequently Asked Questions

– Yes, our meshes can easily be installed on UPVC doors and windows.

Yes, we give seven years all part warranty and 10 years colour coating warranty. 

Our all the meshes are made of good quality materials, they are waterproof and Long durable, they will never harm your doors and windows, they are easy to use and long-lasting. Moreover, we give seven years warranty too.

Keep the net under the fast running water to get the dust out of a mosquito net. Then, clean the dust by rubbing the sponge with soapy water on the mosquito net.

Yes, mosquitoes can easily bite through the mosquito net. The net is woven, and there are tiny gaps in the fabric. The mosquitoes can pass through that space and bite.

Our meshes can be installed on any door or window, for example : wooden doors, iron doors, aluminium doors, sliding doors and UPVC doors.

Yes, you can wash nets in the washing machine. But, you can only wash polyester fabric nets in the washing machine at a max of 30 degrees. If it’s made of cotton or other material, wash it with your hands.

Don’t take stress about that, our meshes are very well designed with concern that they don’t harm any part of your door or window.

No, they will not. Your house will stay ventilated even after using our meshes, they are very well designed so that they never block air for you.

Man Is Working With Mosquito Wire Screen Installation
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