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How to Prevent Dengue Fever in 5 Steps?

window mosquito nets prevent dengue fever

Mosquitoes do not only buzz in your ears and bite you, but they can also cause diseases, and dengue is the prevailing one. Each year, many people get diagnosed with the same, and unfortunately, some people die because of this. Therefore, preventing yourself from Dengue should be everyone’s concern. If you are unaware of how to keep these mosquitoes out of your house and keep yourself safe from dengue, this article has covered you. Check out our 5 Crucial tips to save yourself from Dengue.

What is Dengue Fever?

Dengue is a harmful and life-threatening disease causing many deaths. Dengue fever happens due to mosquito bites and insect viruses. Dengue fever mostly occurs in tropical and subtropical regions, especially in India. This dengue fever is caused when an infected ‘Aedesaegypti’ mosquito bites us. The major symptom of dengue fever is high fever. 

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Here are the common symptoms of Dengue fever that one can look for. 

  1. High fever (103-104 degrees)
  2. Rashes on skin
  3. Muscle pain 
  4. Joint pain 
  5. Nausea
  6. Vomiting 
  7. Headache

5 Ways to prevent dengue fever

By taking care of a few things in our life, it is possible to prevent dengue fever. Let’s discuss the 5 effective ways to prevent dengue fever. 

1. Stay in the proper screening house.

Keep your house protected with a mosquito net door screening. Your house doors and windows should be closed or covered with a mosquito net. Mosquitoes can easily enter from open areas in the house. 

There shouldn’t be any holes in the house windows or doors. Proper screening to cover the house is necessary to prevent mosquito entrance and bites. Always keep your house doors protected with proper screening. 

2. Buy mosquito net for doors and windows.

Ventilation and sunlight are very important to keep yourself healthy. We cannot feel good for a long time with closed doors and windows. We will start feeling suffocated, so you should keep your windows open. 

To avoid mosquitoes and insects, entrances install mosquito net for windows in the house. With the help of a mosquito net, you can keep your windows open. It will prevent mosquitoes from entering and provide proper ventilation. Install proper net for windows and doors to prevent dengue fever. 

3. Set your outing place and time

The fear of dengue fever is not only inside. It can catch you even when you go outside. When you go outside for shopping, a trip, or a walk, dengue mosquitoes can bite you. Set outing time and place and avoid going outside during the rainy season.

Dengue is mostly spread during the rainy season, and it is dangerous to go to greenery areas like parks.  Avoid going outside in the evenings and when going out cover your whole body with clothes. On trips, you can carry mosquito nets like you place mosquito net door and window in the house. You should buy mosquito nets for camping and trips to have a safe trip and dengue-free. 

4. Cover your body with clothes

To prevent dengue fever:

  1. Wear full sleeves, t-shirts, socks, and jeans.
  2. Do not leave anybody’s area open while going outside.
  3. Even keep your body covered at home, especially infants.
  4. Install mosquito net for windows and keep yourself covered while going outside.

A mosquito net will save you inside, but pack yourself with full clothes while going to the park or anywhere else during the rainy season. 

5. Reduce mosquito environment

Avoid keeping dirty water anywhere and keep your house clean and tidy. Mosquitoes get attracted to dust, smell, and untidy areas. Keep everything clean, like flower pots, kitchen, and utensils. Get rid of stagnant water so that mosquitoes cannot breed. Use mosquito net door and window to avoid entry of new mosquitoes from outside. Install a mosquito net on the bed while sleeping to prevent dengue fever. 

A mosquito net for the bed will provide an extra layer of protection for your family. Regularly clean your house items like plants, water tanks, utensils, etc., to reduce mosquito habitat. Keep everything covered where mosquitoes can take place and breed. Dengue fever chances are more in the rainy season and near water stagnant areas. So, reduce the mosquito environment and save your family from dengue fever. 


Therefore these are the best 5 ways through which you can prevent dengue fever. Install a high-quality mosquito net for windows and doors today to save yourself from dengue. By following all the above steps, you and your family will stay dengue-free and healthy.

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