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Benefits of Pleated Mesh Windows and Doors

pleated mesh

The benefits of pleated mesh windows, doors and vents are their ability to provide ventilation in virtually any room or commercial space. This is due to the thin strands of metal wire woven into a fabric-like material. It allows air to flow freely through while deflecting insects, odours, drafts and other pollutants.

Of course the primary benefit of pleated mesh is the ventilation it allows, but there are other benefits as well. Pleated mesh does not rust like standard metal screens, so they will never need to be painted or otherwise maintained. They also will not corrode or warp over time, which means they’ll last for years and years with proper care.

What is a Pleated Mosquito Net?

Pleated mosquito net is a very simple yet effective way of creating an insect free environment. It consists of many strips of metal wire, usually aluminium or steel, which are woven together to create a porous material that allows air to pass through while blocking out flying insects. The sharper the angles, the more secure it will be against even small insects

Types of Pleated Mesh Used in Windows and Doors

Pleated mosquito mesh is used in many different applications, but it is commonly used to create screens for windows or doors that allow air flow while keeping out insects. The thin strands of metal wire are woven into a fabric-like pleated mesh material that allows air to flow freely through while stopping.

5 Benefits of Pleated Mosquito Net For Windows and Doors Adjustable Airflow

Pleated mesh windows, doors and vents are particularly suited to areas that require ventilation that can be adjusted according to need. The pleated fabric can be raised or lowered in a matter of seconds by simply pulling on the fabric strands. This allows for extra protection during rain storms, tornadoes and hurricanes while still allowing proper ventilation and airflow.

Attractive Appearance

Pleated mesh windows, doors and vents come in standard metal finishes as well as a range of powder-coated colours that can be combined to match the exteriors of homes and other structures. This means we can customise our pleated mesh products to blend seamlessly with any exterior design or colour scheme.

Customizable Patterns

Pleating is available in several standard styles, or we can create custom pleat sizes and shapes to fit almost any opening. Custom designs are ideal for architectural projects like arched windows that simply cannot be accommodated with standard mesh. The ability to customise the design of your pleated mesh provides for virtually unlimited design options.

Pleated Mesh is Environmentally-Friendly

Pleated mesh provides ventilation without sacrificing performance or requiring any type of maintenance or protective finish. They are rust-resistant, which means they require no painting. And because the aluminium used to make them does not corrode like other metals do, they will never need to be re-coated.

Insect Protection

Pleated mesh provides a unique combination of ventilation and insect protection. The strands of metal wire woven into the fabric allow air to flow freely through while thoroughly screening out even the smallest insects that could cause structural damage or pose a health hazard. Insects are repelled by the coarse texture of the weaving pattern, making pleated mesh a great choice for any room where you might be bothered by insects.
These meshes are made using aluminium wire that is woven into a fabric-like material that comprises each strand of mesh. This allows for consistent airflow while providing insect protection, ventilation, and the ability to be pleated or adjusted for height as needed.


Pleated mosquito nets are a great choice for any structure where ventilation is needed while keeping out insects. The ability to adjust the height of pleats in seconds provides convenience and security during emergencies. They’re made from aluminium wire woven into fabric-like material that allows air flow when needed but excludes insects at all times.

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