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Debunking Myths: Aluminum Mesh Doors Unveiled


Even when aluminium mesh for doors and windows is an innovative solution to keep mosquitoes, insects and diseases caused by them out of your house, some things need to be clarified about the product. 

However, these myths and misconceptions should be answered as otherwise, you may not use this product, which is way better than other traditional mosquito repellent products like creams, coils, sprays, etc. 

So, below are the answers to some common myths and misconceptions about aluminium mesh doors

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Aluminium mesh doors don’t keep the mosquitoes out

The most common misconception about aluminium mosquito net doors and windows is that they don’t keep mosquitoes out of your house. However, it’s a myth to place due to the availability of many cheap knock-off aluminium mesh doors in the market. 

If you buy a good quality aluminium mesh for windows and doors, then it’s not possible for mosquitoes or any other insect to enter your house. This is because good quality aluminium mesh for doors and windows has tiny holes. 

In contrast, the cheap ones have comparatively bigger ones that allow mosquitoes to escape into your house. 

Aluminium Mosquito mesh for windows and doors is not durable

The durability of aluminium mesh for doors and windows is often questioned. But it’s a misconception that these are not durable. An aluminium mosquito net for doors and windows can be used for many years without replacement. 

Many types of aluminium are used for aluminium mesh doors, but if you choose one that has been treated, it will also not get any corrosion for years, even if it goes through a lot of rain. 

Aluminium mesh doors are costlier

A common misconception about aluminium mesh doors’ price is that it is on the costlier side. But considering the time it will serve its purpose, you’ll always find it valuable for money. 

The reason is that if you compare the aluminium mesh doors price to the price of other mosquito repellent solutions you buy for one year, the price will be lower. 

Moreover, since they have worked for many years, using them in place of other solutions is more beneficial. 

Aluminium mesh doors are not Easy to maintain

The maintenance cost of aluminium mosquito net doors and windows is very low as all it needs to clean them is wet and dry cloth. Moreover, if anything gets stuck in their bet, you can vacuum it in seconds, and the net will be cleaned again. 

Aluminium mesh doors don’t allow for ventilation

Due to tiny pores in an aluminium mesh, people often think they don’t allow air to pass through them. But it is a myth that these pores are shaped so that, irrespective of their small size, they let the air move in and out of them. But when it comes to mosquitoes and other insects, they always keep them outside. 


In totality, aluminium mesh for doors and windows is a great solution, and these misconceptions are just false myths. You should use aluminium mesh doors as they keep mosquitoes and insects away and have various health benefits. So, it’s better to use them than products that you must keep away from the reach of children and pets.

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