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Eco-Friendly Living: How Mosquito Nets for Windows Contribute


Living an eco-friendly life today has become challenging. With the increasing pollution, you can barely escape from it if you are outside your house. However, due to the outdated ways of getting rid of mosquitoes, like coils and repellent, you cannot remain safe even inside your home. 

But you can change it by replacing the old mosquito repellent tactics with the new mosquito net for windows and doors. Here’s how you can contribute to a healthy and eco-friendly living environment by opting for mosquito mesh for windows and doors. 

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1. Safe for everyone

The traditional ways of getting rid of mosquitoes, like coils, sprays and even repellent creams, are harmful to you and your family. There is always an instruction to keep them away from the reach of children and pets. But it doesn’t mean they are safe for you or other adults in the family. Also, you can keep them away from the reach of your child or pet when you are not using them. But what to do while using them? You can’t keep your child and pet away from the smoke that a coil makes or the harmful chemicals a spray releases. 

On the other hand, the mosquito net for windows is safe for not only children and pets but also for adults. Moreover, these chemical-based solutions don’t restrict mosquitoes from coming inside your house. So, the mosquitoes do enter your house and then lie all over the floor after getting killed, which is again not safe for your child. 

2. Don’t contribute to waste

If you buy a mosquito repellent cream or a pack of coils, they’ll get empty in a month or maybe two. But eventually, you’ll have to buy them again and again. It will contribute to plastic waste every time you buy the product. You may think that it’s not a considerable amount of plastic, but are you the only one getting affected by the mosquitoes? Of course not; there are crores of people throwing waste daily and contributing to plastic waste daily. 

Instead, you can use Mosquito screen doors and windows, which you must buy once, and they’ll keep functioning for years. This way, you can save a lot of plastic from getting generated, and it’s more economical than buying these supplies.

3. No Excess Industrial Waste 

The third and the most harmful side of mosquito repellent products is the water generated from their industries. There is a ton of chemical waste, which is discharged mostly in freshwater rivers. by the factories producing such products. They do so to save money on creating a proper drainage system. 

Most net doors and windows don’t produce such massive and harmful waste in production. It makes them safe for the environment on a bigger scale.


These are why choosing mosquito mesh for windows and doors is a much better way to keep yourself and your family safe from harmful mosquito diseases. Keeping yourself safe from mosquito-led diseases like Dengue, Zika, and many others is essential, but with a mosquito net, you can take care of your environment as well.

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