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Step by Step Guide for Sliding Mesh Door and Mosquito Window Net Installation

Step by Step Guide for Sliding Mesh Door and Mosquito Window Net Installation

While insect nets are 100% effective for their intended purpose, installation is often considered a stressful task. However, it is not as hard as you may think if you follow the right steps. A step-by-step approach to installing a mosquito net makes installing a sliding mesh door very easy. So, in this blog, we will learn how to install a mosquito sliding door and window net effortlessly. 

Measure your window/door frame

The first step before you install your sliding mosquito net for windows or sliding mesh doors is to measure the frame for your window or door. For this, you need to ensure that you get the perfect fit. For the perfect fit, use a measuring tape and note down the dimensions. It will make sure that your sliding mosquito net aligns precisely. As a result, it will effectively keep the insects out while allowing fresh air in.

Selecting the right kit

To ensure that your sliding mosquito net for windows or sliding mesh door installs seamlessly, select a kit that is customized to your window’s/door’s dimensions. In such a kit you will get frames, trackers, rollers and mesh netting. Also, matching your kit to your window/door will ensure that you get all the necessary components without any hassle. 

Assemble the frame

After getting the kit, your next step should be assembling the frame. For this, you can lay out all its parts as per the instructions in the kit. Make sure that you follow the guidelines so that you can connect the parts securely. Also, use screws and clips wherever needed to reinforce the joints. By following this step, you will ensure the structural integrity of your frame. 

Attach the mesh

Once you have assembled all the parts, now you need to unroll the mesh netting. Place it  over the frame very carefully. Most importantly, ensure that your mesh is taut and free of wrinkles. After that, you can secure it to the frame by using clips or adhesive strips. Once again, make sure that the mesh is snug and secure so that it can keep insects out effectively. 

Install the tracks

Now, your next step is to install the tracks. You can fix your tracks securely to the top and bottom of your window and door frame using screws. At this point, make sure to check the alignment of your tracks. The correct alignment will help smoothen the sliding of the mosquito net. Moreover, it will lay the foundation for the functional operation of your sliding door/window mechanism.

the frame into the tracks

Your next step is to insert the sliding mosquito net for windows or the sliding door with mesh into the tracks. Now, you can check your sliding mesh door/window to test the mechanism. After this, you can adjust it to ensure that your door/window slides effortlessly.

Summing Up

With these simple steps, you can protect yourself from mosquitoes without the risk of any adverse effects. However, if you are unsure of your skills in installing the sliding mesh door or window net, you can also seek help from a professional. This will help you ensure the flawless installation of the product.

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