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The Role of Mosquito Screens in Sustainable Living

mosquito nets for sustainable living

When finding solutions for mosquitoes, most of the major options you encounter are not sustainable. Some are harmful to your health, while others lead to unnecessary expenses. But among all these options, the mosquito screens are what you can really say is sustainable from all points of view. But how? Let’s find out. 

It reduces energy consumption

There are many methods to get rid of mosquitoes, including electronic devices. Many people prefer to keep their air conditioners at lower temperatures even when they don’t want to. Why? Just to get rid of mosquitoes. Similarly, many other devices also help kill mosquitoes, like electronic mosquito zappers. However, these devices, like AC and mosquito zappers, take a lot of energy to run, making them not a very sustainable option. If you compare these devices to sliding mosquito nets for windows and doors, they carry two huge differences. 

Firstly, a sliding mesh door or window doesn’t use any electricity to keep the mosquitoes away from you. That’s why it’s an option that can save money and is more sustainable than electronic devices. Secondly, instead of killing mosquitoes inside your house, they actually keep the mosquitoes out of your house, making them more beneficial and safer than a mosquito zapper. 

It minimises the use of chemicals

What’s the next option that comes to your mind to get rid of mosquitoes? Most probably, some products contain harmful chemicals that kill mosquitoes but degrade your health over time. The reason why people buy them is because of their instant effect and cheaper prices. But let’s investigate how these products are not good for you. To begin with, these products are undoubtedly harmful if used for a longer time. Moreover, if they get into the hands of a kid or a pet, then the danger is even more. 

But that’s not it yet. People often use these products while keeping all their doors and windows closed to get the maximum output out of them. However, it makes them even more dangerous for you. That’s where the sliding mesh door or window comes to the rescue. It eliminates the use of any chemical-based product to kill mosquitoes and makes your home not free from these pests and harmful chemicals as well. 

It is sustainable by cost

While the initial investment to install a sliding mosquito net for windows and doors may seem high, you will soon realise that it’s relatively cheaper. Basically, when you buy chemical-based mosquito repellent or similar products, you kind of commit to a monthly subscription. So, you don’t realise it is a huge cyst. However, if you add the expenses made on these products for only a year, it will end up being more expensive than installing the sliding mesh door or window.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, looking for sustainable solutions is best when it comes to something that you have to use daily. These are the three reasons why mosquito nets are sustainable, and you should choose a mosquito net over any other device or chemical-based product.

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