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What Makes Pleated Mosquito Nets an Innovative Solution for Home Insect Protection?


Do you also want to eliminate the annoying noises that some insects, like mosquitoes and house flies, make? But that’s not the real question, as everyone wants to eliminate the noises and diseases that insects make. The main question is how to get rid of them in the best possible way. The traditional ways, like mosquito repellent creams and coils, are not the best ones as they can also result in health issues related to skin and lungs.

So, here comes the cleared mosquito net, which is an ideal solution for this problem. There are various reasons why it is the most innovative solution for insects, apart from stopping mosquitoes from entering your house, and here are some of them listed below.

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Keeps Everything Functional

A pleated mosquito net door keeps everything functional, like your windows and doors. A pleated mesh door can be used even with the mosquito net installed. Moreover, you can also install sliding Mosquito net doors for the door on your balcony. 

Durable and more economical than other solutions

Pleated mosquito nets are economical as they are durable and get used for a long time. Also, there’s no need to invest again and again in a pleated Mosquito net. On the other hand, the old methods like creams and coils require you to buy them every month. 


A pleated net for doors and windows is very easy to install. You don’t have to pay more to install them, as you can do it yourself. It requires basic tools, which are mostly available in every household. 

Allows the air to flow

Pleated mesh doors and windows have tiny pores, so even the smallest insects can’t go through it. But still not keep the air flowing in and out of the house. It helps to maintain the ventilation in the home so that your house doesn’t become a gas chamber. 

Easy-to-maintain and clean

Cleaning mosquito net floors and windows is very easy. You can wipe them with a dry or wet cloth, according to the situation. Its pores don’t get blocked even if it’s raining outside or a dusty storm goes by. 

Covers every opening in your house

Pleated mosquito nets come in various shapes, sizes and designs. So, it doesn’t matter what’s the size of the opening. You can cover every opening with a pleated Mosquito net door. Moreover, you also get pleated mesh for doors along with windows. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the reasons why pleated Mosquito net is the most innovative solution to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects. These are the additional benefits you get with the mosquito net for doors and windows, as the primary one is to keep the mosquitoes out of your house. 

Moreover, the health benefits are also here, like you don’t need to breathe the smoke or chemicals coming out of the mosquito repellent coils and vaporizers.

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