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Screen Mesh Selection Guide for your Windows and Doors

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There is a wide range of varieties of screens for windows and doors available in the market out of sliding window screens has phenomenal demand. Do you know why commercial and residential customers order sliding window screens for their windows and doors? The most prominent reason is to let the fresh air and light in, which makes it outstanding in the market.It has no comparison in terms of durability and popularity. The following are why most people opt for screens for windows and doors? Or Why do people like sliding window screens the most?

Why Should You Consider Screen Mesh Or Sliding Window Screen?

  • Air Flow- The most significant advantage of choosing a sliding mesh screen is to enjoy the ultimate airflow without obstructions that you will not get on different screens. Operate it by sliding left or right seamlessly. You can choose grey, charcoal or traditional fiberglass as per your requirement.
  • Daytime Privacy- You can keep your window or door open if you wish, but Screen mess will play significantly in terms of your privacy when it is closed. 
  • Durability- The screen mesh is durable enough to be broken through giant insects or birds claws. It may last for more than 15-20 years until you don’t hit it hard. 
  • Protection from Insects- sliding window screen protects your home from insects, pesticides and lizards when it is closed. That’s the reason it is often called a mosquito screen. You will never be disappointed with its elegance, performance and durability. 
  • Installation- The screen has an easy installation process that anyone can install. It does not require any special techniques and eligibility. 
  • Energy Savings – If you opt for solar screen mesh, it can block up to 70% of sunlight. It will help maintain the internal temperature according to weather which is its additional benefit.
  • Fade/UV Resistance – If you pay a bit high, you will get fade resistant and ultraviolet rays resistant screens for your windows or doors. The cheaper quality screen starts fading in after a few months only. However, many good quality screens remain resistant to fade and UV even after five years of rough use if you consider buying thick and good quality material. 
  • Sun/Brightness Control – If you opt for a pet screen, it blocks about 80% of sunlight; on the other hand, if you opt for solar screen quality, it blocks 70% of the sun. 
  • Visibility/View – there are various window screens available in the market, like “ultra-view” and “better view” screens. You will get outstanding visibility with an aluminum screen and standard fiberglass.
  • Price – From cheapest to the most expensive screen: standard fiberglass > standard aluminum > insect/mosquito > solar > pet 

To Sum Up

This article enlightens the Screen Mesh Selection Guide for your Windows and Doors and recommends sliding window screens to buy since it is unparalleled in terms of operation, features, price and durability, as discussed above.
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